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Are You Struggling With Debt? Debt Counselling Is The Answer!

You are not alone…we are here to guide you towards your financial freedom!

Take control of your debt now! don’t wait until its too late…

We offer immediate debt relief and same day legal protection…

Pay what you can afford from month one…

How Can We Help You…

Debt Counselling is a process based on the National Credit Act that allows for Debt Counsellors to assist over indebted consumers by reducing their monthly installments, extending the repayment terms and negotiating reduced interest rates…

Pay what you can afford and enjoy legal protection whilst you pay off your debt.

You also have the option to increase your payments or settle any account at any stage of the debt review process

You are also protecting your credit status from blacklisting status and judgments


The Process

Step 1

Contact us on 0861463328 or 0826039259 or complete the call back form and we will contact you

Step 2

Once the assessment has been completed we will provide you with a draft proposal to show how we are able to reduce your monthly debt obligations.

Step 3

We will contact your creditors to advise them of your debt review application along with a request for updated balances on all of your accounts. Thereafter we will begin the negotiation process by sending your creditors a detailed proposal based on your current affordability and financial means.

Step 4

After the negotiations are completed we will refer your matter to the respective court to obtain a formal debt re-arrangement order, once the matter has been heard by the court and debt re-arrangement order granted we will forward same to all of your creditors along with a request for confirmation that your accounts have now been restructured as per the court order.

Step 5

We will now provide you with an after care service whereby we are available to assist you with any queries or amendments to your debt review repayment plan going forward, this service is available to you throughout the time that you are under debt review.


Your Journey To Financial Freedom Starts With Us Today…

Personal Touch

Every case is different and we treat each one with a hands-on approach to ensure that every individual gets a special treatment to help with their specific problems. You can rely on us for all your debt consulting and counselling services, we’re here to help.

Become Debt-Free?

Areas of Expertise

We specialise in debt counselling and are professionals at restructuring your monthly debt obligations.

Credit Report

We offer free credit reports to all clients, this is the first step towards taking control of your financial life, feel free to contact us for your free credit report

We Provide Solutions For Your Debt Problems

With our experience and willingness to help, we can customize a special solution for your debt struggles. Don’t suffer in silence, reach out to us so we can work together on getting rid of your debt. It’s possible, contact us now!


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