Debt Counselling

Your journey to becoming debt-free starts with us today.

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Our Process

Our process provides immediate debt relief and legal protection from your creditors, this allows for you to avoid being blacklisted on the credit bureaus. Our processe also secures your credit rating whilst you are under the debt review.

All of your assets remain protected.

All of your monthly debt obligations are consolidated into one affordable monthly repayment, this means one monthly debit order for all debt repayments.

Our Services

Free Consultations

We at Debt-Rite understand your financial predicament, we therefore offer completely free consultations to all. One of our expert consultants are always ready and waiting to assist you.

Credit reports

We investigate your debts to see how we can reduce these debts to save you money and advise you on how to become debt free with our debt counselling and budget drafting services.

Free advice & same day Protection

We pride ourselves on being super-efficient, contact us today for same day advice and legal protection whether you are a client of ours or not…

Budget Drafting

We will provide you with a detailed monthly budget to assist you in maintaining your monthly living expenses. This budget will also assist you in complying with the debt review process going forward.

You will by now be well on your way to becoming debt free!

NCR Registered

We are fully compliant with the NCR’s registration requirements and use the latest and most powerful debt counselling software to aid us in providing you the consumer with fast and effective service.

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